AfriCat Foundation


Tusk Trust has been supporting the remarkable work of the AfriCat team in conserving the big cats of Namibia. The main focus of the project situated a...

The Bateleurs

South Africa

Big Life Foundation


Recognizing that sustainable conservation can only be achieved through a community-based collaborative approach, Big Life uses innovative conservation...

Borana Conservancy


The Borana Conservancy is the non-profit conservation organisation dedicated to the sustainable conservation of critical habitat and wildlife. Boranaâ...

Botswana Predator Conservation Trust


The Botswana Predator Conservation Trust has a dual mission. Firstly - to study the behavioural ecology and communication systems of the African wild ...

C3 Madagascar


Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project


Chimpanzees are listed as “endangered” as a result of illegal hunting, logging and human encroachment, and experts predict they could become extin...

Conservation Through Public Health


Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation with an innovative methodology that focuses on the interdepen...

Durrell Madagascar


Durrell Madagascar works to save species from extinction and encourage local communities to manage Madagascar's natural resources sustainably.

ERuDeF - Cross River Gorilla Conservation


The Cross River Gorilla Project was initiated in 2001 as the first ever pioneering conservation development initiative in the Lebialem Highlands regio...

The Koiyaki Guiding School


The Koiyaki Guiding School & Wilderness Camp is owned and managed by the Maasai community. It adjoins the northern boundary of the Maasai Mara Game Re...

Lamu Marine Conservation Project


The project promotes education both in schools and the local communities, which is designed to improve fishing methods less harmful to the turtles fou...

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy


Lewa Wildlife Conservancy has become renowned world wide for its innovative and highly successful conservation strategies for the wildlife of northern...

The Malilangwe Trust


The Malilangwe Trust is a Zimbabwean non-profit organisation that focuses on harmonising conservation activities, community development outreach progr...

Milgis Trust


The Milgis Trust is a Kenyan non-profit organisation that was set up by Helen Douglas Dufresne in 2004, to protect the wildlife, habitat and pastoral ...

Mkomazi National Park


Established in 1951, this reserve has never attracted the financial support provided for the better-known wildlife strongholds such as the Ngorongoro ...

Mokolodi Nature Reserve


The Mokolodi Wildlife Foundation, a non-profit organisation, was formed in 1991 with the aim of promoting wildlife conservation and environmental educ...

Mountain Bongo Surveillance Project


The Mountain Bongo Surveillance Project aims to conserve the highly endangered mountain bongo antelope through protection of their habitat, the Aberda...

Mount Kenya Trust


The Mount Kenya forest zone is the largest remaining in Kenya and its ecosystem as a whole plays a critical role in water catchment for two main river...

Northern Rangelands Trust


There is a quiet revolution happening in northern Kenya, where over 280,000 people have decided to dedicate their land, 7.5 million acres in total, to...



With funding from the Vodafone Group Foundation Tusk have, in conjunction with Siren Conservation Education, been able to research, investigate, film,...

Painted Dog Conservation


The current socio-political conditions in Zimbabwe make it very difficult for those trying to carry out work for the benefit of conservation in the co...

Ruaha Carnivore Project


RCP's mission is to work together with local communities and the Tanzanian authorities to develop effective conservation strategies for large carnivor...

Save the Rhino Trust


Savé Valley Conservancy (SVC) is an indigenous non-governmental organisation based in the Kunene region in the arid northwest of Namibia, founded in ...

Savé Valley Conservancy


The Savé River Valley, in southeastern Zimbabwe, is among the largest private conservancies in the world (3,450 km2). Today, the Savé Valley Conserv...

Save the Waterberg Rhino

South Africa

Save the Waterberg Rhino was started in November 2012 with one mission; to help raise awareness and support the war against rhino poaching. The Waterb...

Serengeti Rabies Vaccination Project


The Serengeti Rabies Vaccination Project aims to develop integrated disease control programmes in the Serengeti ecosystem to reduce disease risks for ...

Southern African Wildlife College

South Africa

The Southern African Wildlife College was established by the Peace Parks Foundation to provide a facility to train residents of Southern African count...

Uganda Conservation Foundation


Protecting wildlife from poachers in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, has taken a new and very effective turn. For the first time the Uganda...

Vulture Conservation Project

South Africa

The Cape Vulture is at present one of the most threatened vulture species in South Africa. Various factors have been linked to the continuing decline ...

Walikale Gorilla & Forest Conservation Project


In 2002 the local chiefs and communities of the area approached the The Gorilla Organisation (TGO) to ask if they would assist them in helping to prot...

Loango Gorilla Project


The Loango Gorilla Project began in 2005 to further our understanding of western lowland gorilla behaviour, ecology, and population dynamics, as well ...

Counter Poaching Training Programme


The overall aim is to reduce poaching, specifically of elephant and rhino, across these protected areas, which span 7 countries.



Marsabit, a region in northern Kenya, is home to a wide array of wildlife including elephant, rhino, lion and Grevy’s zebra. In the middle of the co...

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