Tusk Conservation Lecture

Thursday 26th November 2009
Royal Geographic Society, London

Renowned photojournalists Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher will present the Tusk Conservation Lecture to coincide with the publication of their latest book, Dinka, an evocative and passionate study of the Dinka pastoralists of southern Sudan who have a unique relationship with the land their animals.

Over the last 25 years Angela and Carol have photographed and documented the sacred ceremonies, cultural traditions and customs of the peoples of Africa, thereby preserving these ancient ways which are slowly being lost as the Continent feels the inexorable pull of modernity. Their pioneering work with over 150 different cultures in 36 countries has garnered countless awards, media attention, and the critical praise of artists, politicians, and peacemakers worldwide.

A reviewer of ‘Dinka’ said “Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher are not only truly remarkable photographers, but their dedication to preserving for all time the dazzling diversity of African ceremonies is unparalleled. Their celebration of African cultures will forever serve as the most compelling and passionate portrayal of the splendour of human creativity from the very continent that gave rise to all humanity.”

Generously sponsored by American Express, Elephant.co.uk, Painted Wolf Wines and Great Western Wines, ‘Dinka’ promises to be a fascinating and beautifully illustrated lecture honouring this ancient culture.

Event Details

  • Thursday the 26th November
  • Royal Geographical Society, London
  • Tickets cost £25 for Lecture and Reception, £12 for the Lecture only. Please call the office 01747 831 005 to book tickets or email Bob Green on bob@tusk.org
  • Doors open at 6pm Lecture starts at 6.45pm - the Reception will follow the Lecture.



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