'Who Cares About the Rhino?' by Dr William Fowlds

“Who Cares About the Rhino?”
by Dr William Fowlds

Cranleigh Prep School hosted a very special guest on Thursday 19 September when Dr Williams Fowlds, the world famous rhino specialist and wildlife vet, gave a talk on his personal crusade to save the rhino.  South African born Dr Fowlds spoke out passionately for the survival of this iconic species in the face of the current poaching crisis decimating rhino populations across Africa. 

William Fowlds' day job includes darting lions, elephants and antelopes but last year he was called out to a harrowing situation, unlike anything he'd encountered before. Overnight, three rhinos had been illegally darted using veterinary drugs and the poachers had brutally removed bone, skin and horn with either machetes or axes, leaving the rhinos for dead. One rhino had in fact already died from its injuries but Themba, a male, and Thandi, a female were still alive when they were discovered the next morning.  By the end of his talk, there was barely a dry eye in the house as he recounted his personal crusade against poaching and his astounding work in trying to save Thandi and Themba. 

William Fowlds made a strong point of reaching out to the younger generation and urged them to pester their parents and their grandparents and to take action themselves and try to make a difference.

William Fowlds left the audience in no doubt about the scale and the horror of the illegal wildlife trade.  The images of his heart-rending battle to protect this iconic species did not spare the audience and his passionate mission was applauded by a standing ovation.  The impact of his talk is reverberating around the school with wonderful plans to set up a rhino club and pupils already cleaning cars and selling apples from their gardens to raise money for Tusk.

Everyone involved would like to thank Will Fowlds for making time to visit the school and for his unforgettable talk.  Thanks also go to the wonderful staff at Cranleigh Prep, particularly Stella Gravill and Emma Reid, and the Headmaster, Michael Wilson.  Tusk would also like to thank Kathryn Noakes at Worldwide Experience for her part in the evening.

Thanks also go to Crowes Estate Agents and Dobbe's Florist, both of Cranleigh.

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