Promoting Education

Promoting Education

Tusk believes that if conservation is to succeed and environmental degradation to be reversed, education needs to be promoted at an early age.

Tusk’s Pan African Conservation Education (PACE) Project has been designed to help address this need by communicating ideas on environmental issues, whether in the form of practical advice or demonstrating proven solutions, between communities across Africa. The highly acclaimed set of teaching materials and films has been designed to act as both an environmental education tool and a stimulus to adopt sound and sustainable policies. To date, over 150,000 children and students across the continent have been exposed to Tusk’s PACE programme.

TUSK - Promoting Education

Furthermore Tusk provides much needed financial support to help build and improve facilities for rural schools and other education centres across Africa. Over 72,000 students attend schools and education centres supported by Tusk.

Tusk is defined not just by over a hundred amazing projects in Africa, but also by the ground-breaking educational programmes that it has developed for local communities throughout the Continent

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