The Wild Fluffalump Released in Support of Tusk

Posted: Aug 10

One morning – at the foot of a tree on the African plain – a strange creature is found. It’s fluffy and puffy. What can it be? The meerkats declare it is a wild Fluffalump.

Eagle says there’s no such thing, Buffalo thinks it must be a bird, Hyena says it squeaked and wriggled when he gave it a poke and Giraffe finds it has toes. By now the Fluffalump is hungry and thirsty and when it is nipped on the bottom by Crocodile it trumpets loudly.

And across the plain comes Elephant who dumps it in the lake for a wash and Fluffalump is revealed to be – a baby elephant!

Released today, The Wild Fluffalump is written by Bruce Hobson (writing as Mwenye Hadithi – “story teller” in Swahili) and illustrated by Adrienne Kennaway. Presenter, children's author, zoologist and vet Dr Jess French has kindly written the foreword.

Tusk is extremely grateful to Bruce Hobson for donating royalties on every copy sold to Tusk.

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