Levison Wood & Rosamond Lloyd Exhibition

Levison Wood Photography and Rosamond Lloyd Wildlife Sculpture Exhibition in aid of Tusk

VISIONS OF AFRICA is an exhibition of new works by renowned photojournalist and explorer Levison Wood and acclaimed wildlife sculptor Rosamond Lloyd in aid of Tusk.

The exhibition brings together striking images from Levison Wood’s four month journey through Africa along the route of the Nile and a series of unique bronze sculptures by Rosamond Lloyd depicting animals she and Lev have encountered including African elephants, rhinos, lions, buffalo and hippo in a visual celebration of Africa’s culture and wildlife. All of the works are for sale with 20% of proceeds going to Tusk Trust.

Taken using a Leica ‘M’ digital rangefinder, Levison’s images are a stunning combination of raw photojournalism, reportage and portraiture, depicting the striking diversity of modern Africa. His photographic journey begins in the tropical rainforests of Rwanda and travels along the lifeblood of the continent all the way to the Sahara desert in a visual odyssey of modern discovery.

Sculpting in clay or wax and casting in bronze using the ancient lost wax process, Rosamond draws her inspiration from Africa’s wildlife, in particular the relationship between parent and offspring. Rosamond captures the true spirit and sense of each animal with accuracy and empathy. She has spent time in Africa studying her subjects up close in order to work from life, as much as possible and her works are finely observed and painstakingly modelled. A selection of new sculptures will be making their public debut at this exhibition.                                 

Levison Wood’s photography will be making its debut alongside brand new sculptures by Rosamond, featuring the diverse wildlife observed by Levison during his expedition, faithfully captured in bronze.  Rosamond draws her inspiration from the natural world and particularly the relationship between parent and offspring.  A unique and vivid sense of attention to detail defines her sculptures, helping to capture the spirit of her subject matter with both accuracy and empathy.

About the artists

Levison Wood is a writer, photographer and explorer who has travelled across eighty countries around the world on assignment. His most recent expedition to walk the length of the River Nile was documented in a popular four part Channel 4 television series ‘Walking the Nile’ and his book of the same name was a Sunday Times bestseller this year. A new documentary series charting Levison’s latest expedition ‘Walking The Himalayas’ will be broadcast on Channel 4 early next year, with his accompanying book published by Hodder & Stoughton.                         


Rosamond Lloyd is one of the UK’s leading wildlife’s sculptors, nominated for Wildlife Artist of the Year and affiliated sculptor to Tusk. Passionate about the natural world and the protection of endangered species in particular, she supports global conservation projects through the sale and auction of her work. Rosamond has exhibited at some of London’s foremost galleries and in 2013 staged her own highly acclaimed London show of African wildlife bronzes.


Further details and preview evening information available from mary-jane@tusk.org

Visions of Africa Exhibition Opening Times:
Mon/Thurs/Fri 10am-6pm, Tues/Wed 12pm-6pm, Sat 10am-4pm, Sun 3pm-6pm

Entry: Free of charge


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