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Africa’s people and wildlife face many great challenges. Can you imagine the difference you could make with your Will, which will have lasting impact for generations? No matter how large or small, leaving a legacy to Tusk will help us realise our vision of a future in which Africa’s rich natural heritage is protected forever.

Every donation we receive makes a huge difference to our work, but gifts left in Wills are particularly special to us, and are one of the most powerful ways to make a lasting impact. Not only do they allow us to plan ahead and do so much more, but we know that every legacy represents someone who cared enough about our work to make a real difference.

Making a Will

We realise it is very easy to put off making or changing a Will. Figures show that more than a third of people who support charities say they would leave a gift in their Will after family and friends have been provided for. But, unfortunately just 7% of people actually get around to doing it. The reality is that making, or even updating, a Will is easy….

While it can be cheap and easy to use a do-it-yourself kit, mistakes can be made, and it is just as straightforward to use a solicitor who does this every day. Besides, you will need a solicitor to legalise your Will. Before visiting them it helps to list everything that you own (including money, property, cars, jewellery and other possessions) and to decide who you want to include in your Will. It’s only right that your family and friends come first, to ensure that they will be provided for in the way that you wish. Then decide how you would like Tusk and any other chosen charities to benefit.

A gift to Tusk in your Will can be of any size or shape. It can be: a fixed amount of a few pounds; a large sum of money (known as a pecuniary gift); a share (or all) of what’s left of the value of your estate, after all other gifts have been made (known as residuary gift); or a specific item of property.

You will also need to appoint ‘executors’ to carry out the instructions in your Will. Once you have all of this information, your solicitor can draw up your Will to ensure that it is legally valid and that your wishes will be respected. You can find a solicitor in your local area by contacting the Law Society (020 7242 1222 or www.lawsociety.org.uk)

To make things easier, we have partnered with Lexikin (see below) – a unique online platform that provides a step-by-step guide to creating a Will and leaving a gift to Tusk – who can also direct you straight to a solicitor to make it legally-binding. 

Updating a Will

If you already have a Will, adding a gift to Tusk can be done in minutes. Your solicitor will be able to prepare a simple codicil, a legal appendix that enables you to update or alter your existing Will. All they will need is our address and registered charity number. There might not even be a cost to adding this to your current Will, but it will be important for your solicitor to read it to check that the two documents do not conflict with each other.

Inheritance Tax

Legacy gifts are currently exempt from Inheritance Tax, so your estate will almost certainly pay less inheritance tax if you leave Tusk a gift in your Will. In some situations, anyone leaving 10% or more of their taxable estate to charity will qualify for a reduced rate of inheritance tax of 36% (compared with the full rate of 40%). Inheritance tax rules are complicated and change from time to time depending on your circumstances. You should therefore consult your solicitor or a financial advisor.

Letting us know your intentions

If you leave a gift for Tusk in your Will, this is completely confidential, and you are under absolutely no obligation to tell us that you have done so! We understand this is a private matter, and also that your circumstances might change and you might subsequently elect to take Tusk out of your Will. However, we hope that if you have remembered us in your Will that you will feel able to let us know so that we can thank you during your lifetime. Informing us also allows us to plan for the future, and ensures that we can meet your wishes.

If you would like any further information on leaving a gift to Tusk in your Will please call the office on 01747 831005 or email info@tusk.org.

Make Your Will and Pledge Online
Lexikin is a new and unique online platform to securely record your memories, wishes, legacies and assets, in case of fire, theft or death. This includes a a step-by-step guide to creating a Will and leaving a gift to Tusk.
It's FREE to sign up, providing a confidential way to make a living record of all your possessions and to guarantee your wishes are clearly understood by your executors. Their model is designed to give you access to an international network of professional private client services - e.g. estate planning lawyers who are experts in Wills, top insurers to properly cover your possessions, provide investment guidance, and so much more.
Among the many other options available through Lexikin, you can record life stories that you never want to lose, save copies of documents, index all your personal finances, utilities, photos, music and social media details, so probate can be completed efficiently - saving time, money and heartache. You can leave messages from beyond the grave, and manage your funeral plan in advance. 

And last, but by no means least, Lexikin’s service allows you to set up a straightforward charitable pledge without any complicated obligations or up front payments. 100% of your pledge will go straight to Tusk, and all we ask is for you to consider making it part of your Will when you have time in the future. 

Please read more about a making a legacy pledge through Lexikin at www.lexikin.com/charities/tusk/

Tusk is defined not just by over a hundred amazing projects in Africa, but also by the ground-breaking educational programmes that it has developed for local communities throughout the Continent

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