Dr. Louise Leakey Lecture

When:          6pm-8pm Thursday 3rd May, 2012
Where:        Macaulay Honors College, 35 West 67th Street, New York, NY 10023
Tickets:       $100

On 3 May, Tusk USA is delighted to host Dr Louise Leakey, daughter of Dr Richard Leakey and Director of the Turkana Basin Institute, at the Macaulay Honours College in New York. Dr Leakey will be speaking about Kenyan Wildlife, todays conservation challenges and a unique off road driving event.

Kenya, as well as other African nations, are once again faced with a dramatic upsurge in poaching of elephant and rhino. What might be the reasons for this, and are there any solutions? Can the biodiversity and habitat under constant threat from increased human population dependent on the same resources be secured? Rhino Ark, the organisation for which this lecture seeks to raise awareness, aims to protect and preserve the mountain forests of the Aberdares, Mount Kenya, Mount Iburu and the Mau, all significant reservoirs of rich biodiversity and the last remaining large water catchment areas serving much of Kenya's population. Please join us from 6pm.

To book your tickets please visit: http://tusktrust.eventbrite.com/

May 32012

Dr. Louise Leakey Lecture

When:Thursday, , 18:00
Where:Macaulay Honors College, 35 West 67th Street, New York, NY 10023
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